So we’re fast approaching the end of another year and many of us will be planning to start the next year with a target or objective of some kind in order to improve our lives in one way or another.

Any kind of change we make away from our bedded in routine will take a certain amount of discipline so that we can build a new habit and lifestyle.

It’s the discipline aspect that’s usually the area that begins to crumble and eventually cause failure in many New Years resolutions, so if we want to succeed in our efforts then finding a way to fight through the breakdown of our discipline is extremely valuable.

Having an awareness of our mental processing around discipline is they key to maintaining it. If we can interrupt our instinctive and subconscious thoughts that are based around survival, then we can use our logical conscious mind to prevent ourselves from quitting.

I’ll use myself as an example, as it’s one that I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to. In January I decided to improve my health with regular exercise and a healthy diet. There have been numerous times when the exercise I was putting myself through and the diet plan I had given myself became difficult to maintain. I noticed my thought process finding ways to convince myself to just give up as I have free will and could quit at any time. But I knew that if I stopped then I would regret it once I was no longer in survival mode. So I interrupted that negative thought process and carried on with the knowledge that I will benefit from the activity even though it’s difficult.

The thought interruption process can be used for any situation where we may feel like quitting our endeavours to improve ourselves.

So next time you feel like quitting, stop yourself and refocus on the long term benefits rather than the short term survival.

I’ll be launching a new video series in the New Year to help you stay on track with your own resolutions and if you want a personalised version of this accountability and motivation course then there are some options for that coming too, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel and the website.