Most of us want to make some kind of progress in our lives, whether it be personal or professional, and sometimes this is easier imagined than achieved. The biggest barrier we have in this process starts with the ‘C’ word that nobody really wants to admit, and it’s not the word you may be thinking of.

I’m referring to the word ‘Change’ which can strike a deep reaction in most people that has it’s origins in our subconscious mind. As human beings we are hard wired to enjoy some level of routine, whether that’s the places we go, the people we spend time with, the food we eat and many other habits that we build into our lives often without realising. Due to this proclivity to routine we become uncomfortable when this is disrupted or even if there is a possibility that it could be disrupted. In this lies our instinctive fear of change.

As I suggested earlier, this reaction is deeply embedded in our subconscious and so often manifests in an emotional response of some kind as that’s the way that the subconscious lets us know something is the matter. (You can read more in this previous article). So we need to use our conscious mind to take control of the change process and add some logic to the mix.

This isn’t always that easy as there are many other obstacles to fight through in order to reach the end of the labyrinth to emerge victorious at the end. Over the duration of our lives so far we have built up a large number of beliefs, based on experiences we’ve had, that have then pre-determined every decision we’ve made. Some of these may be positive but a number of them would also be negative. Let’s call these our limiting beliefs as they are things that stop us from making choices that might help us move forward in our lives. An example could be “I’m not good enough” which can have many interpretations either mentally, physically or emotionally.

In order to recognise our own limiting beliefs we need to slow down our thought process and question where our decisions are coming from to help us arrive at final conclusion. I’ve done this for myself and also for numerous clients to help them use the logical part of their consciousness to override and eventually reprogram their automatic subconscious reactions, which in turn allows them to move forward and feel comfortable and confident in making the change they would like to make.

As I said at the start of this article it’s a huge part of human nature to find a routine, so although this can sometimes work against us we can also view it from the alternate perspective that this instinctive behaviours will allow us to easily adapt to a new routine and eventually make it a positive part of our lifestyle, whether that be personally or professionally.

If you’d like some guidance and support in making a change for yourself or someone you know who have reached a blockage in their progress then click here to book a session with me and we can have a chat about it. I look forward to working with you.