The title of this article might seem very counter productive, particularly as I’m a coach myself. Why would I say something that would potentially stop me from taking on clients?
The difference lies in the perception of where the emphasis lies. The view of NEEDING a coach suggests that the client hands over total control and everything will be better. The other way of looking at it is for the client to WANT a coach to help guide their own process of figuring things out, with the client still maintaining control of their own situation.
My opinion is that everyone can benefit from coaching, however it only works when the client WANTS to be coached and is willing to commit to the process being undertaken. This means being open and honest during each coaching session, as well as being fully engaged with the discussions being had then willing to reflect on what has come to the surface.
Another crucial part about being coached is taking the actions that have been agreed. This is most often the element that stops people from either taking on coaching in the first place or from seeing the value from it, as they mistakenly assume it will be a magic wand formula where the coach can suddenly make all their dreams come true without any effort from themselves. When the magic doesn’t happen the client can become frustrated that nothing has changed and decide to point their finger at the coach, when it has been their own inaction that has caused the status quo, both before and during the coaching process.
After working as a coach with over 800 students, who had this process forced upon them, it became evident very quickly who would benefit from it and who were just not yet ready to take the agreed actions. The results were unsurprising when it came round to final grades. This cemented my view that only those who turned up to their sessions with the right attitude and actually WANTED the guidance would see the benefits.
So when people say to me they have a friend who needs a coach I always reply with the question “but do they WANT a coach? As nobody NEEDS a coach.”