October is here and Autumn is upon is, in the UK at least, and all the leaves are turning beautiful shades to be blown to the ground, making a crispy carpet of colour.
Perhaps all the changes we see in nature start to stir our own seasonal senses and we feel like a change is needed to take us forward into the next and subsequent seasons.
When thinking about making changes in our lives we often go through various stages. Initially we might be excited to break out of a pattern that we’ve been stuck in for quite some time, and relish the thought of this new adventure we’re about to undertake.
The next stage is looking at what are options are to make that change happen, whether it be looking for a new job, moving to a new location near or far, ending a relationship or stating a new one or something else. This is often when the initial positive energy starts to wane and the fear begins to take hold.
The land of What Ifs is the common next stage for many people when thinking about making a change. It’s a place full of the all the fears and self doubts that we’ve collected over the years and kept rooted in our subconscious to protect us from experiencing a similar situation that originally gave us this fear in the first place.
Only when we learn to reprogramme our subconscious with new beliefs and eliminate those fears, can we move forwards and make the changes we desire to make whenever we feel the need.
This is one of the core outcomes of transformational coaching. Not only can it become possible to confidently defeat the demons in the land of What Ifs, but also do this on an ongoing basis so that land never needs to be visited again.
Some of us are adept at defeating these demons ourselves, but many of us need a fellow fighter by their side to join us in the battle for fearless forward motion. Essentially, outside of the metaphor, that’s what coaching can provide.

So if you’re thinking of making a much needed change, starting this Autumn, and can feel those demons of self doubt dragging you into the land of What Ifs, then consider recruiting a team mate to win the battle, as you don’t have to do this on your own.