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Everyday is a battle of some kind, whether it is waking up at an early hour and preparing to leave the house for work we don’t really enjoy, or trying to manage the pennies to put food on the table and a roof over our head, or anything else relevant to your own life.

In the moment, most of us would prefer not to be facing these daily struggles, however when we finally free ourselves from the situation we will inevitably find ourselves in a new scenario that requires some amount of fortitude in order to prevail.

So why do we continue to do this to ourselves? Why do we continue to find new ways to build relative torture into our daily lives? Can we ever really just be content with the status quo?

I’ve previously written about the flaws of staying in the comfort zone and this can be its own form of struggle as most of us feel an intrinsic need to be challenged in some way in order to have a purpose in life. If not then why would we get out of bed each day? If not for ourselves, then for others who we have responsibilities for.

So that’s human nature, the struggles we face throughout our lives are what motivate our pursuit of owning the day and eventually overcoming each battle. If we recognise, accept and embrace these challenges with a positive perspective that we’ll be an improved individual at the other end, rather than wallowing in the negative perspective of not knowing when we’ll get to the end, then each day will begin with a more positive purpose.

A productive first step in embracing the struggles of life is to have some form of plan of how to get to the next stage. As I said earlier, this next phase is likely to have its own set of obstacles to overcome but at least you have moved one rung further up the ladder and closer to the end goal.

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