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Many of us have seen videos or other media showing essentially a rags to riches story of someone similar to ourselves, then explaining how we too could experience this epic life improvement by signing up to this one course to learn the secret to financial success, or something like that.

Some people are drawn into these advertisements and part with hundreds or thousands of their hard earned cash in order to achieve this dreamed existence, but how many actually receive a return on their significant investment?

I don’t have any data about the success rate of these courses, but it’s safe to say two things. Firstly, many of us know at least one person who has lost money to one or more of these schemes, maybe it was ourselves. Secondly, the people running these courses are really the only ones getting rich from it.

Although reality isn’t as instantly successful and exciting as these videos would have you believe, it’s still possible to reach a decent level of success if we move towards it with baby steps.

If we look at our own life achievements, how long did it take us to get to the end point? There are many great examples from the world of sport where people put years and sometimes decades of committed hard work and sacrifice to eventually win a gold medal or championship trophy.

Outside of sports we may be able to think back to our education experience and the length of time and commitment it took to achieve the qualifications at the end. Whatever example you can think of from your own life is evidence that there is very rarely an instant overnight success.

So if you’d like to improve your life, then take it in baby steps, and if you’ve seen a baby learning to walk you’ll know that it involves a lot of falling down and wobbles as well as the occasional bigger stride which usually precedes the wobble and fall. Life improvements work in exactly the same way, it’s certainly not linear.

It takes a considerable time commitment as well as patience and resilience to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, whether that’s financial or not. I’ve done it myself in many different areas of my life and I’m always striving to improve in some way. I’ve also helped many others to take those baby steps and have seen huge improvements over the course of time.

So if you’re ready to start taking those baby steps towards your ultimate goal then great, begin today.

If you’d like guidance in this process then I can help with that. Click here to book a free Discovery Session with me over video chat and we can talk about it.