When I work with a client I approach it from the perspective that they are the expert on their life, so I let them lead the conversation and I presume and judge nothing.
With that being said, we can ask ourselves the question of how much does the expert know? We may be the person who knows us the best but could we know ourselves even better?

We all have an expert understanding of our physical selves. We know what foods we like and don’t like, we know how long it normally takes us to get to sleep, the position we sleep in and how long we generally need to sleep to feel refreshed when we wake up. We also have an expert knowledge of our emotional selves. How sensitive we are to our own or other’s experiences, how quick we are to anger and how easily we can calm down. We also know what makes us laugh. These two areas of self awareness are the most common for discussion when talking about our shared experiences in the world as human beings. However there are other less explored and discussed areas such as spiritual awareness which isn’t dependent on a religious belief, only an awareness of a deeper level of being that isn’t currently measurable or understood by science. This could be a number of different beliefs like ghosts, aliens, monsters among many other mythologies in which our species have indulged. The final awareness that is least of all discussed is one of our own mentality. This taboo has allowed the issues that occur in our mentality to go unchecked and therefore often worsened over time to a point it takes a highly qualified practitioner to bring this closer to a status quo.
If we compare our mental awareness to our physical awareness then we may be shocked at our own mistreatment of ourselves. When we have a head cold we know how to treat it and we know what will happen if we ignore the treatment options and let the germs continue ravaging our system. The same goes for many maladies that don’t normally require a doctor in a normally healthy individual. However when we start showing signs of mental un-wellness then we often ignore it entirely and just brush off the concern by naming it “a bad day” or “stress”. If we don’t address it properly and continue through life adding more bad or stressful days to our mental experience, then the problem only gets worse and the longer it will take to reach a resolution.
This is why it’s so important to have a good awareness of our mental state and discuss it as regularly as we do our physical and emotional states. We should also educate ourselves and each other on treatments that can be done at home before things get bad enough to need a doctor. Only when we start talking and becoming aware of this part of ourselves will we, as the human species, be able to manage our mentality as well as we do our physicality.
I won’t be offering any solutions to become more self aware of our mental state as I still believe that we are all the expert on ourselves and will know the best way to increase our awareness to manage this part of us effectively. Please feel free to share what you already do or intend to do in order to have a good mental awareness.