When people find out I’m a coach they either ask what sport I coach or they simply just say “Oh….so what is that?”. This led me to start using the ‘elevator pitch’ which for the uninitiated is a short couple of sentences that can describe what I do in the same time it would take to introduce yourself in a lift (elevator is the US version and where the term came from). Even though this is a good summary of defining what I do and who my primary clients are, it can still leave some people feeling at a loss of what I actually do. So I’ve come up with a more generic analogy that should be easier for people to understand.
A coach is like a guide dog in many ways, and here’s a list to explain how they’re similar:-
1) Warning of obstacles so they are easier to avoid.
We run much of our lives on autopilot and do many things out of habit without question. A coach can spot where some of these may be causing a blockage for you and bring it to your attention so that it can be addressed.
2) Staying by the client’s side to offer support when required.
Your coach will work with you as part of a team, a dynamic duo if you will, and be ready to pull you through an unforeseen circumstance In your planned journey.
3) Learning and adapting to the needs of the individual client.
Every client has their own bespoke needs and way they work which requires an equally bespoke approach. Your coach will recognise these nuances and make the necessary adjustments to your service.
4) Making pathways clear so that forward motion is uninhibited.
Creating a clear list of steps to take will make it easier to know where to go next without getting stuck. Your coach can do this with you to ensure there aren’t any pitfalls.
5) Focusing on reaching a destination without getting distracted.
It’s easy to go off on a tangent with many things and people pulling us away from our intended goal, which can happen multiple times very quickly. Your coach will make sure that you get where you want to go in the shortest time possible.
Regardless of what sort of coach you are and who your specialised clientèle are, this analogy, highlighting the generics of coaching, should help you explain to others what it is you do and how it benefits your clients.