The people we spend lots of time with have a big influence on us and the decisions we make on a daily basis. In its most blatant and active form it’s commonly known as peer group pressure, but there is a passive form of this that most of don’t realise is even happening.

Without even noticing the attitudes and behaviours of those we surround ourselves with create a narrative that we adapt to fit into.

The human species tends to operate best in groups, so we instinctively find a group and become part of it for a variety of reasons including safety, security and procreation.

On the surface all of these reasons seem perfectly acceptable and a formula that has resulted in the astounding success of the human race. However on a smaller scale there can also be downsides to our instinctive behaviour.

In order to find a group to be part of and or a partner with which to commit, we often are required to adapt some aspects of ourselves so that we are share a variety of traits that mean the group or partnership can stand the test of time.

This adaptation process can often be done on a gradual basis, so it’s not easy to realise what’s going on unless a third party who has only seen the before and after version then mentions the difference.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s definitely something to be aware of. If the people we are adapting to be with are leading us into negative traits and behaviours rather than positive ones, then it could certainly have a significant affect on our plans for success in life.

So make note of the people you’re surrounding yourself with and whether they are a positive or negative influence, then decide if you should phase out some negative influencers and spend more time with the positive influencers.

This can be a tricky process, so for one to one guidance why not book a session with me to make a positive start.