So we’re coming to the end of another year and it’s traditionally a good time to commit to a fresh start in one or more aspect of our lives.

The biggest question regarding this mission for change, and often the one that will determine the chance for success, is why haven’t we already begun to make the change?

Were we avoiding it because we think it’s too difficult?

Were we worried what others may think?

Have we been indecisive in committing ourselves to take action?

Are we coming up with ever more convoluted excuses to place additional barriers in our own way?

If any or all of these reasons apply to you then there’s a fairly high chance that you will fail at achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

However, all is not lost as there are some actions you can take in order to put yourself in a much better position to be successful in making that positive and long lasting change.

Firstly, take some time to really consider your reasons for setting a specific goal. Ask yourself if you’re doing it for yourself or someone else. Also think about the outcome if things stayed the same and you didn’t make the change. If you can find something that motivates you enough to avoid staying in the same situation as you are now, then your likelihood for change is much higher.

Secondly, what are the most likely distractions you may face to sticking with your plan? You know what your weaknesses are, so put actions in place to either remove these distractions from your close proximity, or adjust your lifestyle so it’s much less likely that you’ll be faced with the temptations. With a lower level of exposure to such distractions you’ll build up your resilience and it’ll become easier to completely phase out the need for that distracting activity.

Lastly, find a way to keep yourself accountable for taking the consistent actions you’ve committed to achieve. This could be by telling a trustworthy person in your life who won’t go easy on you. Alternatively you could setup a system of record keeping to track your progress independently. This could be via an app on your smartphone, a digital spreadsheet or a paper based system such as tally marks on a wall calendar.

If you can put all three of these elements in place then you can be most likely to succeed in making a positive and long lasting change at anytime of the year. So why wait until the New Year to begin this process, start today, start now!

For a kick start in the process of the three steps given above, why not sign up for a your first session with me over a video call. In as little as 30 minutes and at your chosen cost of as little as only £7 you can feel more empowered to head into 2019 and make that positive change.