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So I returned to Dingwalls in London’s Camden Town yesterday to judge the regional finals of the TeenStar national talent competition. It was a long day with three age categories aiming to get through to the area finals. It was great to see how the performers had worked on their act since the auditions and raised their game.

As a competition judge it was my job to consider five different elements of each act, not simply their vocals. This highlighted to me some of the areas that often get forgotten by aspiring performing artists.
Being able to sing in tune is only one small element of the bigger picture. Choosing the right song that you connect with and that you can communicate the story with the audience is another important factor.
I won’t go into all the elements in this blog post, otherwise it would go on for pages and pages, but I will point out two things:-
Confidence:- This can be a vague catch-all kind of a word and doesn’t get too specific on what it means, however we all know it when we see it, or when we don’t. This is a key element that I work on with my clients as unlocking this confidence can have a roll on effect to many other elements that go into a great performer. Knowing who you are and building your act around that will more easily connect with your chosen audience.
Potential:- The TeenStar competition was a great example of how these young people have so much potential and have barely scratched the surface of finding out who they are as an artist. Starting to work on the elements of performance from an early age will certainly give you the best shot at success of some sort in the performing arts industry, which is vast in it’s opportunities. This isn’t to say that mature performers can’t enjoy industry success however the earlier you start, when you have less responsibilities to distract you from your passion, the more likely you are to make the most of the opportunities that are plentiful for younger and well polished performers.
I saw some great acts in the competition who will certainly go on to further performing achievements in the years to come if they choose to keep performing.