Last Saturday I went to London and visited the second day of the Amplify event run by BBC Introducing at the ExCel centre.
This event was three days long and was aimed at helping independent musicians to take the next steps on their career journey, which is the same goal that I have for the musicians I work with and why I was there.
There was a variety of talks from speakers across the industry, advising on a number of different areas of the music business and how it has changed so much from the previous structure where you would aim to get a recording contract and be set for life.
The new music industry is very different and the speakers talked about the multiple areas to focus on in order to find your own success, including your own combination of these areas that works for who you are and how you work.
Today’s musician needs to be extremely versatile in order to make good progress in today’s music industry, not only as a musician but also an entrepreneur, a marketer, a social media expert, a stand alone accounts department and a whole bunch of other facets.
This can seem very overwhelming which was why one of the biggest takeaways from the day was about building your team. Find the people who have some expertise in these other areas who are also great supporters of who you are as an artist.
Building this team may take some time to complete, therefore it’s important for you to authentically know who you are first so it’s easy to recognise others who align with your values and beliefs. Only then will you be able to find those awesome people who will stick by you all the way.
This intermediary time between being completely on your own and then having a trusted team is where the coaching process comes into it’s own. It will help you become extremely clear on who you are, what you want to achieve, how you’re going to get there and the sorts of people you want to work with along the way.

During my day at Amplify I ran into a few friends who’ve been on their own journey as a band for about 10 years. Aside from seeing their awesome performance, I heard about the highs and lows of their career so far and how they are working together to continually make progress.

There’s little to no overnight success stories in the music industry these days, so you have to be in it for the long game in order to truly make this your career, and seeing my friends’ band Tigress is a testament to how hard you have to work, but what great results and fun experiences you can have along the way.

Please check out Tigress‘s music and get to a show for the full effect of their performance. It will blow your socks off!