Have you gone through your life so far just following the expected and accepted route given to you by your parents, your friends or society as a whole? Or are you more of an adventurer, just spontaneously going wherever you feel is the most exciting option at the time?

Very few people are just one or other of the above types, but most people have a preference for one type. There is no right or wrong type but there are certainly pros and cons to both.

If you prefer the Follower method then you can be confident that the path you’re taking is a tried and tested one that is relatively low risk and with a high probability of success. However this method tends to veer away from opportunities that are a little different and may have a higher risk but also a higher level of success at the end.

If you prefer the Adventurer method then you may experience both the highs and lows of life on a regular basis as you’re constantly taking risks with almost every opportunity that arises. This can bring about huge successes at times but then huge failures too. For this type of person the tried and tested route may seem quite boring so they steer clear from this low risk pathway.

Whichever your preference, a good balance can be found through regular self reflection and a coaching relationship can give you the time and space to do just that.

The Follower will be challenged to think outside the box and push themselves a little out of their comfort zone to take opportunities that may not be as risky as they first seem.

The Adventurer will be challenged to think a little longer and with more rationality to determine whether the high risk opportunities are really worth taking or whether low risk options would be as negative as they may seem on the surface.

So if you’re a Follower looking to add a bit more excitement into your risk free existence, or if you’re an Adventurer looking to gain a bit more control and stability into your daily life, then start that change by using my Make A Change coaching service where we can work together each week to find a more balanced mix of the two states.

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