For some people, being seen as a responsible person is something to be proud of, and for others it might deemed as the marker of a relatively boring existence with no spontaneity or risk.

A third category of people are those who shirk responsibility in order to hand it over to others so that when things go wrong the blame can be placed on those people.

This behaviour has a lot of fear attached to it, as people who handover their responsibilities to others, then apportion blame so readily, are afraid of taking the risk of getting it wrong if they did it themselves and took responsibility.

The great thing about taking responsibility is that when things go right then you can take full credit for that success. But in order to achieve that result there will be a learning curve where things may not be so successful and we have to alter our methods for the future.

This is where personal development becomes crucial in life, as it’s not always easy to recognise our own faults as our pride can get in the way. Being able take it on the chin and admit to making a mistake is the first step in responsibility, which is why people working in jobs where they have responsibilities for many others are paid highly.

So if you feel that you may need to work on yourself in order to become a more responsible person for you and the people for whom you’re supposed to be responsible, then try a one off personal development session with me by clicking this link.