Being a cog in a machine is an often used metaphor about either working in a team or, from a more negative perspective, working in a monotonous hum drum job alongside many others doing exactly the same thing.

I’ve been a cog in many machines myself over the years but soon discovered my discontent in these repetitive roles, so disconnected from one machine in search of another.

I’m currently working for myself so keeping with the same analogy, for intents and purposes, I am the machine. However it has come to my realisation that my own machine is in fact very small relative to the more superior machines that surround us all on a daily basis.

So it turns out that being a cog in a machine is par for the course, but if we can find the most appropriate way to attach ourselves within the workings of that machine, then contentment will follow.

Now stepping back into reality and away from the analogy of cogs in machines, finding a purpose for ourselves can take time with a lot of trial and error. Being able view my own situation in the terms of said metaphor has helped me gain perspective more swiftly when considering changing careers.

The different machines I consider when reviewing my own life include the time machine, no not the one that can jump backwards or fowards, but the nonstop continuity of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years which are a certainty that can be relied upon 100 percent.

We are also part of the machine of nature as we have an affect on the natural world around us everyday in many ways, and we are also react to the effects of nature too, predominantly the changing weather of which we have no control.

The people around us are also a machine, but one on which we have much greater control, as we can choose how much time we spend with certain people, and the way they affect us can determine our own future choices. This is a major machine that has been the core of every major decision I have made. Even as someone who loves a lot of peace and alone time, I understand and value the need to interact with others, so have been careful as to who I allow into my proximity on a regular basis. As soon as people became a negative influence, either directly or passively, it was time to create some distance.

Within these three major machines of time, nature and people there are many smaller machines of less importance, however these can be easily interchangeable with enough purpose.

So if you want to make a positive and long lasting change, consider how you want to fit into the big three machines then find the smaller one that meets this need.

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