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I have previously written about when we find ourselves being controlled by another person or persons, as well as how we might find ourselves being the one controlling someone else.

Today’s article takes a different perspective on all kinds of control. Not only that of others close to us personally or professionally, but also control by external and arbitrary existences.

I’ve used the term “existences” to describe a plethora of individuals, groups or non physical entities that are believed as being part of their world view.

These existences, real or imagined, are only given control over us by ourselves. Quite often it’s a flaw in humanity that is used to apportion blame or responsibility for a situation we’re not comfortable in accepting and then taking actions to improve.

This behaviour often leaves us stuck in the unwanted situation for a long period of time as we have convinced ourselves that we can’t get out of it due to the believed existence which is holding us back.

This is in fact a self limiting belief we have created in order to prevent ourselves from taking a risk to work towards success, instead allowing us to embrace an unsatisfactory life and avoid possible failure.

To overcome this negative situation we’ve put on ourselves, it’s crucial that we take control in the form of ownership and responsibility. By accepting that there are practical steps we can take to improve our situation then things will quickly start to send much better.

This begins with a change in our mindset to not view the situation with such negativity. We should realise that we have complete control over the way we view our situation and also the way we feel about it. Nobody else has control over our mindset in this way, unless we give it to them.

Once we have taken control of our mindset then it becomes much clearer as to what physical actions need to be done in order to improve our situation.

So if you find yourself blaming individuals, groups or others existences on your problems then that is a clear sign that you’ve given away control. Spend some time reflecting on this and wrestle back control to improve your situation.

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