Laughter is an endorphin filling experience that perks up even the saddest of moments. It has been well known for thousands of years that having a good laugh can brighten our mood and keep us plugging away at the challenges that life brings us all on a daily basis.

A huge part of my personal happiness and optimistic nature is based in searching for the funny side, that silver lining to bring some relief where it’s truly needed, and it was this that brought me to connect with Beverley Bishop earlier this week.

Beverley has been running Laughter Therapy workshops for a few years, as well being a certified hypnotherapist and professional actor, so we share many values and approaches to life, including working with mental health in mind to help people in recovery or to prevent them from suffering in the first place.

It was our common and like-minded views that brought us to agree on an affiliation, so I will be promoting Beverley’s Laughter Therapy workshops and hypnotherapy services alongside the Coaching and performance based workshops we already offer.

I’m very excited about this affiliation and I expect it to be the first of many.

If you’d like to find out more about Laughter Therapy, please visit Beverley’s website at

Keep Laughing,